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Dale Keller, CEO, BAR UKBuild, mend or make do? The economy and airports
Dale Keller, CEO, BAR UK (22-Aug-2013)
Expanding Heathrow is the best solution to serve the needs of passengers, airlines and the UK economy, based on a combination of economic, geographical and risk-based considerations
Michael Carrivick of BAR UKLack of aviation policy hits UK economy
Michael Carrivick of BAR UK (02-Jun-2011)
Lack of aviation policy is hitting business and employment and risks the UK being by-passed

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The new business traveller's experience

The opening of Terminal 5 has been eagerly awaited. It will give the business traveller a great new experience.
Yuji OkadaFlying High - JAL faces today's challenges
Yuji Okada
Yuji Okada, Chief Executive of Japan Airlines talks to Roger Prentis about JAL’s business.

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