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Sam Wass, Co-founder, Great British Meat CoWhy it is important to buy British
Sam Wass, Co-founder, Great British Meat Co (05-Dec-2013)
Common sense tells us that it should be cheaper to grow and raise food in the UK rather than import it from overseas, yet this so often is not the case - why?
Tony Favro, author Hard ConstantsThe challenges of sustainability
Tony Favro, author Hard Constants (18-Feb-2013)
The concept of sustainability or sustainable development involves getting people to change their behaviour, use fewer resources, adjust their consumption patterns, alter their daily routines and think long-term
David Hunt, Director, Eco EnvironmentsEnergy saving - business and environmental no-brainer
David Hunt, Director, Eco Environments (06-Sep-2012)
The return on investment for environmentally effective energy saving schemes is eye-watering - a no-brainer
Tracey Rawling-Church, KyoceraBillions are being thrown in the bin
Tracey Rawling-Church, Kyocera (20-Aug-2012)
The average UK worker is printing 6000 sheets of paper every year and, staggeringly, 4000 end up in the bin. How does that affect the bottom line?
James Caan, CEO, Hamilton Bradshaw Impact PartnersNew Green Award for UK low-carbon startups
James Caan, CEO, Hamilton Bradshaw Impact Partners (17-Jul-2012)
A programme to help support and grow the UK's cleantech sector through a new approach, providing intelligent capital, which combines business support and funding
Seth Tabatznik of Berti InvestmentsEntrepreneurs and green business innovation
Seth Tabatznik of Berti Investments (03-Apr-2012)
Entrepreneurs create jobs, bring in revenue and catalyze investment; they are fundamental drivers of a much-needed sustainable economy

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Alan AldridgeMaking energy work for you
Alan Aldridge
Being efficient and cutting out waste is a vitally important task for all businesses - energy is an excellent place to start
A bright and green future in the North East

The North East - in the international spotlight for leading in the low-carbon economy
Danny StevensAir, carbon and resources - the future
Danny Stevens
The range of environmental challenges we face - from climate change to land contamination, from air quality to water pollution - are a product of the greatest and widest-ranging market failure ever seen.
Adrian WilkesEurope's environmental industries' answer to the recession
Adrian Wilkes
As recession spreads across the continent UK and the EU, politicians also face a second challenge: the dawning ecological crisis. We look at how the environmental industry can help Europe out of recession.
Adrian WilkesA healthy environment for growth and jobs
Adrian Wilkes
Continued economic growth depends more and more on the efficient use of increasingly scarce resources, and on the continued ability of the biosphere to deal with the pollution we create
Malcolm Wickes MPInnovative opportunities in a green world
Malcolm Wickes MP
Tomorrow's generation of innovative business men and women will take advantage of the huge opportunities created by our move towards a low carbon economy by coming up with green solutions.

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