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Phil Marshman, CEO, SentaiAI, elderly care and innovation
Phil Marshman, CEO, Sentai (21-Sep-2020)
Starting a business is always challenging. Doing so remotely during COVID even more so - launching an innovative AI product to help the elderly
Dan Parsons, Director of Operations, Fully ChargedInnovative help for the NHS
Dan Parsons, Director of Operations, Fully Charged (30-Mar-2020)
Electric bikes are being offered free of charge to NHS workers to help in the current crisis - an innovative initiative!
Dr Adrian Hyzler, Chief Medical Officer, Healix Int'lMental health during the crisis
Dr Adrian Hyzler, Chief Medical Officer, Healix Int'l (24-Mar-2020)
Advice on how to tend to your mental wellness while navigating the new reality we have all found ourselves in
Alastair Lockwood, Ophthalmologist, Feel Good ContactsBetter vision 20-20-20
Alastair Lockwood, Ophthalmologist, Feel Good Contacts (21-Jan-2020)
A good resolution for 2020: look after your eye health and that of your staff - your eyes are integral to pretty much everything you do in life
Phil Austin, CEO, Cigna EuropeWork-life balance fails in the UK
Phil Austin, CEO, Cigna Europe (20-Sep-2019)
The workplace is a stressful place to be, but we can give managers and employees the tools to manage their stress
Kelly Feehan, Servies Director, CABAPerils of dining at your desk
Kelly Feehan, Servies Director, CABA (13-Feb-2019)
Taking a break from your desk, and particularly a computer screen, is essential to wellbeing and a great way to re-charge
Tim Warren, Commercial Director, Harley Street ConciergeSupport employees with cancer
Tim Warren, Commercial Director, Harley Street Concierge (04-Feb-2019)
Over 100,000 UK people of working age are diagnosed with cancer each year. 36% of employees have no form of support from their employer in the face of a diagnosis
Mike Davis, Head of SME, AXA PPP HealthcareAbsenteeism, presenteeism and business
Mike Davis, Head of SME, AXA PPP Healthcare (01-Feb-2019)
When someone is absent from work, the remaining staff may take on the extra load. But when they come in to work sick, everyone is at risk of catching a cold. Which is worse?
Mark Pearcy, Head of Marketing, 4ComWork - friends or no friends?
Mark Pearcy, Head of Marketing, 4Com (30-Jan-2019)
Most people spend more time with colleagues than anyone else in their lives, but do they make friends at work and does it affect performance?
Dr Mark Winwood, Director Psyc. Services, AXA PPP HealthcareGet your motivation back
Dr Mark Winwood, Director Psyc. Services, AXA PPP Healthcare (18-Jan-2019)
Setting health goals can be a great way of motivating ourselves to improve our wellbeing and can help us boost self-confidence when we start to notice progress
Paula Whelan, Head of Diversity and Inclusion, RighTrackMental health and managers' responsibilities
Paula Whelan, Head of Diversity and Inclusion, RighTrack (10-Oct-2018)
Mental health is just as important as physical health and tending to our invisible ailments needs the same level of attention as a visible illness
Conor McArdle, Brighter BusinessDoes exercise make you more productive?
Conor McArdle, Brighter Business (28-Sep-2018)
Exercise has a range of effects on the body, both physiological and psychological and is perfect for promoting better health and wellbeing
Ed Molyneux, CEO and co-founder of FreeAgentHidden health implications of self-employment
Ed Molyneux, CEO and co-founder of FreeAgent (07-Sep-2018)
The pressure of running a business is affecting the mental and physical health of many self-employed
Katie Day, Director, RDP InternationalThe bottom line and the menopause
Katie Day, Director, RDP International (29-Aug-2018)
Businesses need to take notice of the latest 'hot topic' - the menopause - and its effects on people and the bottom line
Ciara McGrath, Head of HR, Instant OfficesHow to avoid burnout at work
Ciara McGrath, Head of HR, Instant Offices (12-May-2016)
One in four of us feels under pressure at work on a daily basis. What are the signs and what to do about it?
Dave Capper, Executive Director, Westfield HealthWorkplace stress - the reality
Dave Capper, Executive Director, Westfield Health (19-Apr-2016)
We need to understand the relationship between stress, the workplace and emotional fitness to enable us to talk about and address the issues
Katharine Moxham, Group Risk DevelopmentWork absenteeism in focus
Katharine Moxham, Group Risk Development (09-Feb-2016)
Stress and mental ill health remain one of the major causes of long-term absence for businesses - provide support early on to tackle absence
Dave Capper, Executive Director, Westfield HealthMental health - the elephant in the room
Dave Capper, Executive Director, Westfield Health (04-Feb-2016)
Mental health problems such as stress are common so we need to be able to discuss them openly
John Chacksfield, Stress Management ConsultantMindfulness and resilience at work
John Chacksfield, Stress Management Consultant (12-Dec-2014)
It is surprising that not more is done to prevent or alleviate stress at work. If the company wastes 23 days a year then investing 5 days in stress management for employees is a small price to pay for prevention
Steve Sawyer, Divisional Director, Access GroupOvercoming the energy crisis in the office
Steve Sawyer, Divisional Director, Access Group (26-Nov-2014)
74 per cent of employees are experiencing a personal energy crisis. Changing task management techniques can help employees maximise business productivity
Glen Parkinson, SME Director, AXA PPP HealthcareSupport and promote staff wellbeing
Glen Parkinson, SME Director, AXA PPP Healthcare (19-Aug-2014)
Work is best enjoyed in good health - have the right tools in place to support wellbeing for business success
Marielena Sabatier, CEO, Inspiring PotentialCoping with work overload
Marielena Sabatier, CEO, Inspiring Potential (08-Aug-2014)
How business leaders can create strategies for working more effectively in high-pressured environments
Sam Walsh, General Manager, Direct365The importance of employee health and happiness
Sam Walsh, General Manager, Direct365 (29-Jul-2014)
Employee health and happiness is very important. It can mean the difference between failure and success for your business
Jenny Gulliford, The Work FoundationMen's health suffers more from unemployment
Jenny Gulliford, The Work Foundation (11-Jun-2014)
The harmful effects of unemployment can be felt by both genders, but there is evidence to suggest that men are more likely to suffer adverse health consequences
Amanda Mcburney, Senior Manager, Vocational Rehabilitation, Avoiding the business cost of mental health issues
Amanda Mcburney, Senior Manager, Vocational Rehabilitation, (14-May-2014)
One in four adults will experience a mental health condition in any given year representing 4.5% of GDP. What can be done?
Louise Dickens, Director of Contemt, Aptitude12 world records you can break in your lunch hour
Louise Dickens, Director of Contemt, Aptitude (20-Mar-2014)
Lunch breaks are the saviour of the working day. For one wonderful hour every day, we can stop thinking about deadlines and targets and use the time to do something different
Graham Jukes, CEO, CIEHPutting wrong things right - environmental health
Graham Jukes, CEO, CIEH (10-Mar-2014)
There have been countless unacknowledged, but vital interventions that improved the quality of the nation's life - the importance of environmental health
Eve WatkinsDealing with alcohol and substance abuse at work
Eve Watkins (17-Feb-2014)
The use of substances not only affects a worker’s performance; it can also encourage them to take risks with sometimes dire consequences for themselves and their colleagues
Craig Massey, CEO, Sanlam Private InvestmentsThe ultimate fitness guide for office workers
Craig Massey, CEO, Sanlam Private Investments (05-Feb-2014)
Office workers are not compensating for their sedentary life with worries about their health, weight and stress. Here is an office fitness guide
Dr Mark Winwood, Director of Psychological Services, AXA PPPTips to avoid Festive Burnout stress
Dr Mark Winwood, Director of Psychological Services, AXA PPP (18-Dec-2013)
The countdown to Christmas should come with a health warning as stress, exhaustion and illness threaten businesses – tips to help avoid them
Richard McKenna, MD, Inclusive EmployersMaking the most of diversity - National Inclusion Week
Richard McKenna, MD, Inclusive Employers (27-Sep-2013)
By understanding a diverse workforce, supporting and utilising skills, a business will reap commercial awards
Ed Reeves, Co-founder of PenelopeSME leadership and work-life balance
Ed Reeves, Co-founder of Penelope (04-Sep-2013)
Micro business owners are working an average of 52 hours a week. A good work-life balance boosts brain power and ultimately makes workers more productive
Andrew Doyle, MD UKI, Jabra Business Solutions75% workers have emotional or interpersonal problems
Andrew Doyle, MD UKI, Jabra Business Solutions (09-Jul-2013)
Transformation in the workplace is creating entirely new challenges that need to be addressed - good communications tools do not necessarily make good communications
Peter Ryding, CEO, DOIT Success SystemKill stress before it kills you - 10 quick tips
Peter Ryding, CEO, DOIT Success System (03-Jun-2013)
Some stress can help us to raise our game, too much stress reduces our quality of life, our productivity and over the long term causes ill health
Karen Steadman, The Work FoundationGood mental health is good business
Karen Steadman, The Work Foundation (15-Feb-2013)
The costs of ill-health to employers can be huge and mental health conditions are a major cause of sickness absence and worklessness - a little support can go a very long way
Eve WatkinsCriticism - how to handle it and move on
Eve Watkins (06-Nov-2012)
Identify positive and negative criticism, learn how to handle it and move on
Sherylin Thompson, counsellor and psychotherapistStressed out? Top tips for winding down
Sherylin Thompson, counsellor and psychotherapist (26-Oct-2012)
Getting respite from the pressures of work can be difficult - some well-researched tips for getting the most relaxation benefits from time out of the office
Eve WatkinsReducing stress and risk of heart attack
Eve Watkins (09-Oct-2012)
A stressful job can increase the risk of suffering from a heart attack - tips on changes to make to reduce the risk
Adi Gaskell of PEXGet your employees on their bikes
Adi Gaskell of PEX (07-Jun-2012)
Does exercise help fend off burnout and depression? Research suggests it is an important means of preventing the build-up of work-related or general distress
Tony Massey, Chief Medical Officer, vielifeOver one million UK workers are Sleep Drunk
Tony Massey, Chief Medical Officer, vielife (05-Apr-2012)
One in three European working adults admits suffering from ‘poor sleep’, living in a potentially dangerous semi-conscious existence
The Design CouncilDesign competition to help people with dementia
The Design Council (15-Aug-2011)
A national challenge that will fund teams to develop new design-led ideas for products and services that make lives simpler, better and more enjoyable for those with dementia
Adi Gaskell of CMITaking a break this summer?
Adi Gaskell of CMI (03-Aug-2011)
Rest and recovery is crucial for both your mental and physical well-being, so treat yourself this summer!
Gary NewboroughManaging stress at work
Gary Newborough (21-Feb-2011)
Stress is more common in the workplace than many people think. Managing it effectively is very important.

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St Anthony's HospitalInvesting in health
St Anthony's Hospital
Private medical insurance cover is highly valued by employees and plays an important role in the overall remuneration package
Talking2MindsInvisible wounds
Talking2Minds, a new charity, helping people overcome post traumatic stress disorder
Rosario Maria OttoPhilippines - mixing business and pleasure
Rosario Maria Otto
Remarkable growth in IT and business support, health and wellness, retirement, and tourism are drawing in new foreign investments
Prevention is better than ... death

Ways to prevent sudden cardiac arrest - a must read for everyone
Neil HuntDealing with dementia - a part of everyone's future
Neil Hunt
Dementia is not a natural part of the ageing process. Neil Hunt discusses ways you can reduce your risk and help others.
Nick Watkin and Pieter J le RoHealth - some Q&As about prostate problems
Nick Watkin and Pieter J le Ro
Some Q&As about prostate health and what laser treatment can offer if needed
Ciaran DevaneWorking through cancer
Ciaran Devane
The number of people who are living with cancer is growing as the number of cases rise and people are living with cancer for longer.
Philip CookIs private medical insurance worth it?
Philip Cook
Whatever happens to the global economy in the next few months, we can be certain that we are all in for a sustained period of belt tightening. Private medical insurance is second in desirability as an employee benefit only to the company car.
Help your employees deal with stress more positively

Workers are most likely to turn to alcohol, smoking and comfort eating to help them deal with the stress of their occupations. What should we really do?
Anna DennyHealthy eating at work
Anna Denny
Tips designed to help you incorporate a healthy diet into a busy working schedule.

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