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Todd Davison, Director, Purbeck Insurance ServicesCut the risks of Personal Guarantees
Todd Davison, Director, Purbeck Insurance Services (08-Jan-2020)
Personal Guarantees for business finance can be off-putting - reduce the risks
Crispin Piney, Risk ExpertThree essential elements of risk
Crispin Piney, Risk Expert (27-Aug-2014)
Take account of the three important aspects of risk to enhance the chances of success in business
David Hillson, the Risk DoctorBenefits of stress testing in risk management
David Hillson, the Risk Doctor (14-Jul-2014)
Stress testing in an integral part of business continuity and disaster recovery - how to use this critical approach
Andrew Jackson, Director, One Insurance SolutionTips for protecting your business against the elements
Andrew Jackson, Director, One Insurance Solution (11-Dec-2013)
Winter is coming with possible energy interruptions, snow and flood damage so it is important for businesses to have the right insurance cover
Danny Cooper, MD, The Insurance ManagerInsurance policy errors - a timebomb
Danny Cooper, MD, The Insurance Manager (15-Aug-2013)
Insurance companies are increasingly using 'the policy says' defence and will not accept any blame - there’s a massive time bomb sitting in the desks of Financial Directors
Danny Cooper, MD, The Insurance ManagerBusiness liability - critical insurance changes
Danny Cooper, MD, The Insurance Manager (17-Jul-2013)
Employee Liability and Public Liability insurance are changing. It is now more important than ever that businesses have a robust system of incident reporting, investigation and notification
Dr Steffan George, Director, Master Locksmiths AssociationBusiness security
Dr Steffan George, Director, Master Locksmiths Association (20-Mar-2013)
Business security is vital, not only to protect a building and its contents, but also to keep employees, visitors and clients safe - it should be reviewed, upgraded and maintained regularly
Mike Fleming, Tax Director, StraughansPension? Invest in gold instead?
Mike Fleming, Tax Director, Straughans (12-Mar-2013)
Is public faith in pensions decreasing? Some might think that it would be worthwhile investing in gold instead
Danny Cooper, MD, The Insurance ManagerHow good is your insurance policy?
Danny Cooper, MD, The Insurance Manager (26-Jul-2012)
Insurance companies are increasingly using 'the policy says' defence and will not accept any blame if the policy was issued incorrectly. How 'right' is yours?
Wayne Daniel, CEO, MetLife AssuranceUK pensions - the changing landscape
Wayne Daniel, CEO, MetLife Assurance (28-Jun-2012)
The UK pensions landscape has changed dramatically in the past few years - it's techy, but important to us all - DB largely replaced by DC and what of the future?
Alexandra Kitching, PQM Manager at NAPFThe UK pensions crisis - introduction of a standard
Alexandra Kitching, PQM Manager at NAPF (18-May-2012)
The UK is in bad shape when it comes to saving for its old age and we need to change that - the PQM introduces some standards
Niki Cleal, PPI DirectorInadequate pensions for today's over 50s
Niki Cleal, PPI Director (26-Apr-2012)
A smaller proportion of today’s over 50s is likely to have enough retirement income to replicate the full standard of living they enjoyed whilst working
Phil Wright of RM Water ServicesFrost damage can leave your business with a big bill
Phil Wright of RM Water Services (23-Jan-2012)
Critical tips on how to avoid frost damage or cope with the effects and avoid unexpected huge water bills
Kevin Nolin, Quest SoftwareOver half of SMEs have no disaster recovery plan
Kevin Nolin, Quest Software (16-Jan-2012)
Events over the past year, including cyber-attacks and natural disasters, have highlighted the importance of having a robust disaster recovery process in place
Allister Meal, NIG Risk Control ManagerBusiness tips to prepare for harsh weather
Allister Meal, NIG Risk Control Manager (29-Dec-2011)
It’s imperative that businesses prepare for the disruption by severe weather so they can continue trading and minimise business losses
Simon Foster of Zurich (Pensions)Pension benefits - who is taking advantage?
Simon Foster of Zurich (Pensions) (25-Nov-2011)
Providing pension benefits is valuable to the employee and also to the employer in attracting and retaining staff
Paul Johnson of NGS MeridianChristmas - goodwill and security headaches
Paul Johnson of NGS Meridian (23-Nov-2011)
Unusual opening hours, closed premises, valuable stock - many companies become a target for criminals throughout the festive period
Home OfficeKeep your passport safe
Home Office (26-Apr-2011)
Keep your passport safe - at home, on a business trip or holiday - essential information
Danny CooperGender underwriting - Europe strikes again!
Danny Cooper (02-Mar-2011)
The ECJ has done it again in ruling that gender can no longer be used as an underwriting factor - where will it lead?

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Danny CooperThe future of commercial insurance?
Danny Cooper
Is this the future for companies to get their insurance if they cannot or do not want to afford a specialised member of staff?
Paul HopkinRisk - a new way of thinking
Paul Hopkin
Effective risk management can be used to encourage enterprise - a well as reducing insurance costs
Dev BarotFailing to plan?
Dev Barot
Businesses depend on information technology more than ever before - can your organisation afford to suffer a disaster or system failure?
Philip CookIs private medical insurance worth it?
Philip Cook
Whatever happens to the global economy in the next few months, we can be certain that we are all in for a sustained period of belt tightening. Private medical insurance is second in desirability as an employee benefit only to the company car.
Paul HopkinRisk management works - but what exactly is it?
Paul Hopkin
Paul Hopkin of AIRMIC (the Association of Insurance and Risk Managers) discusses the need to educate senior executives about ERM and how it can make any organisation more competitive.

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