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Daniel Markuson, Digital Privacy Expert, NordVPNNever-to-use passwords
Daniel Markuson, Digital Privacy Expert, NordVPN (20-Nov-2020)
Despite the constant reminders from cybersecurity experts, people still use insecure passwords - check yours against the 'do not use' list
Patrick Burgess, Technical Director, NutbourneCybersecurity: best practice is common sense
Patrick Burgess, Technical Director, Nutbourne (18-Jun-2020)
With more than 98% of UK businesses and charities operating online, cybersecurity solutions are not something that can be ignored with the current risks. Common-sense tips to help
Charlie Walker-Wise, Client Director, RADAEffective online communication
Charlie Walker-Wise, Client Director, RADA (28-May-2020)
Communicating clearly and connecting digitally is more crucial than ever. The ability to accurately read the fundamental tools of human communication: the body, the breath and the voice - tips to help
Chris Ross, SVP, Barracuda NetworksCyber criminals exploit COVID-19 fears
Chris Ross, SVP, Barracuda Networks (28-Mar-2020)
As much of the world grapples with the new coronavirus, COVID-19 and how to handle it, attackers are taking advantage. Tips on how to protect yourself
Phil Foster, MD, Love Energy SavingsOptimising your performance indicators for 2017
Phil Foster, MD, Love Energy Savings (02-Dec-2016)
Tracking business growth requires precision and a sharp eye for detail. Some ways you can refresh your Key Performance Indicators in time for a fresh start in 2017
Liz Brandt, CEO, Ctrl-ShiftYour personal data - a crisis of trust
Liz Brandt, CEO, Ctrl-Shift (19-Oct-2016)
Organisations need to heed consumer concerns about use of personal data and focus on building digital products and services that are based on trusted, sustainable customer relationships
Steve Woolley, Head of External Affairs, CIMData protection shake-up - is your business protected?
Steve Woolley, Head of External Affairs, CIM (15-Jun-2016)
It is critical that companies know the facts, seek advice and act early to prepare for the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
Paul Evans, MD, RedstorData backup or business disaster?
Paul Evans, MD, Redstor (26-May-2016)
Data loss can have a staggering cost impact on a business. A recent study claimed that data loss and downtime costs global enterprises up to $1.7 trillion a year
David Kearns, MD, Expert InvestigationsTips to avoid IT and data fraud
David Kearns, MD, Expert Investigations (26-Jan-2016)
Businesses of all sizes and in all sectors can be affected by IT and data fraud affecting productivity and costs
Oscar Arean, Technical Operations Manager, DatabarracksHuman error is the leading cause of data loss
Oscar Arean, Technical Operations Manager, Databarracks (24-Sep-2015)
Human error ranked as the leading cause of data loss in organisations, with hardware failure following close behind
Dr Max Nathan and Dr Anna Rosso, Research Fellows, NIESRBig data finds 70,000 'hidden' companies in UK Information Economy
Dr Max Nathan and Dr Anna Rosso, Research Fellows, NIESR (27-Nov-2014)
Big data reveals real-world economic shifts and policymakers must invest in it to understand the most fast-changing and dynamic economic sectors
Daniel Mitchell, Director, Lifeline ITTop tips for remote working
Daniel Mitchell, Director, Lifeline IT (25-Nov-2014)
When away from the office, IT is a lifeline. Here are five top tips to help you with remote working
Simon Sear, Head of Change Management, BJSSBig Brother meets Big Data - be very afraid!
Simon Sear, Head of Change Management, BJSS (06-Nov-2014)
With the help of Big Data, companies can now analyse every text and photo you have ever posted on a social media platform to gain insights into your personality, your shopping habits and preferences
Daniel Mitchell, Director, Lifeline ITBusiness not remotely impressed with mobile technology
Daniel Mitchell, Director, Lifeline IT (28-Aug-2014)
Unreliable and costly communication networks that limit flexible working are one of the biggest frustrations for business
Annekathrin Hase, Director, MindLink SoftwareCollaboration in the always-on digital world
Annekathrin Hase, Director, MindLink Software (18-Aug-2014)
Being able to facilitate people's need to visit clients, partners, work from home or hot-desk and still be able to work seamlessly and unhindered is challenging in the modern 'always-on', digital business age
Rupert Adair, Product Director, Enghouse InteractiveTechnology to support high-value customer service
Rupert Adair, Product Director, Enghouse Interactive (14-Aug-2014)
In the new fully digital environment, there is often much less of a sense of personal service and of a human touch - technology can help
John Yeo, EMEA Director, TrustwaveCybercrime attack targets, victims, motivations and methods
John Yeo, EMEA Director, Trustwave (04-Jun-2014)
If businesses are not fully equipped with all of the necessary components, they are only increasing their chances of being the next data breach victim
Kevin Young, MD, Skillsoft EMEABig data - a bigger business opportunity
Kevin Young, MD, Skillsoft EMEA (03-Jun-2014)
Big data is a big business opportunity and ignoring its potential insight can only result in businesses falling behind their competitors in the market
Joseph Do, CEO, MindLinkThe war on e-mail
Joseph Do, CEO, MindLink (22-May-2014)
With over 180 billion e-mails sent per day, it is the most widely-used professional communication tool, but communication channels must evolve
Drew Griffiths, Managing Director, Mosaic DigitalMaking your website a success
Drew Griffiths, Managing Director, Mosaic Digital (21-May-2014)
Why are some websites more effective than others? Sites need content and engagement strategies to be effective and should not just be another off-the-shelf template that looks like so many others
Alex Smith, Director, IntermediaFive simple steps to a truly secure password
Alex Smith, Director, Intermedia (02-May-2014)
It is time for organisations to create strong passwords that will have the best chance of protecting their information
Helen McCall, Account Director, Tangent SnowballThe key to personalised communications
Helen McCall, Account Director, Tangent Snowball (25-Mar-2014)
Customers are increasingly being targeted in a personalised way and they are increasingly expecting to be - it isn't simple, but here are some tips
Hasan Bakhshi, Director Policy and Research, NestaProductivity and profitability improved with effective data use
Hasan Bakhshi, Director Policy and Research, Nesta (11-Mar-2014)
Businesses that use of their online customer data effectively – those that collect, analyse and deploy data – are 8% more productive as a result
Howard Kerr, Chief Executive, BSIWhat most threatens business leaders?
Howard Kerr, Chief Executive, BSI (05-Mar-2014)
Some threats are more common among most organizations, while others present themselves to varying degrees between different geographic locations or industry sectors - a need to plan
Helen Milner, CEO, Tinder FoundationCreating a 100% digitally skilled nation
Helen Milner, CEO, Tinder Foundation (25-Feb-2014)
78% of UK adult population have the basic online skills to use the internet, leaving 11 million people unable to send and receive e-mail, use a search engine and browse the internet
Mark Walker, Business Development Director, Ubertas5 questions to ask an IT support services company
Mark Walker, Business Development Director, Ubertas (24-Feb-2014)
IT technical support is business critical. Five questions to ask to make sure you get the best partnership for your business
Richard Hanscott, CEO of hibuSMEs missing out on mobile internet revenues
Richard Hanscott, CEO of hibu (13-Feb-2014)
The opportunity for SMEs and the mobile internet is huge. A simple change to their digital presence could unlock significant new revenues
Paul Lindsell, MD, MindMetre ResearchThought leadership improves business opportunities
Paul Lindsell, MD, MindMetre Research (29-Jan-2014)
Buyers consider the demonstration of thought leadership by potential suppliers to be important and influential when deciding which supplier to use
Bo Mattsson, CEO, CintWill 2014 be the 'internet of customers'?
Bo Mattsson, CEO, Cint (28-Jan-2014)
First, the 'internet of things' and now the 'internet of customers' - but will 2014 be the year it takes off?
Dr Bernard Meyerson, IBM Fellow and VP InnovationManaging sustained innovation for a smarter planet
Dr Bernard Meyerson, IBM Fellow and VP Innovation (22-Jan-2014)
Extraordinary outcomes can be achieved when the right people, infrastructure and motivation come together - sustained innovation is becoming more significant
Suzanne Stock, Director, MarketscanBig Data can also be for SMEs
Suzanne Stock, Director, Marketscan (21-Jan-2014)
How to use Big Data business analysis techniques on your not-quite-so-big B2B data list
Mark Walker, Business Development Director, UbertasThe silent killers - IT dangers to ruin a business
Mark Walker, Business Development Director, Ubertas (08-Jan-2014)
IT can make or break your business, watch out for these three company killers
Kenny Mullen, Partner, Withers LLPCyber security - a plan of action for everyone
Kenny Mullen, Partner, Withers LLP (12-Dec-2013)
Is cyber security relevant to us? What should we be doing? And what is the cost? Tips for everyone
Rob Brown, Business Manager, Oki Systems UKPrinting - the last hidden business cost
Rob Brown, Business Manager, Oki Systems UK (27-Nov-2013)
How much printing does your business carry out every year? The chances are that you won’t really know nor how you can save
Jeff Fisher, VP Strategy and Co-Head RES Research BostonEnterprise IT - the App Store model is not enough
Jeff Fisher, VP Strategy and Co-Head RES Research Boston (05-Nov-2013)
IT complexity continues to grow and users have increasing expectations raising the challenges for the IT department
Ben Dowd, Business Director, O2IT and productivity - boosting our lives
Ben Dowd, Business Director, O2 (23-Oct-2013)
The rapid adoption of key information and communications technology has increased productivity by 480% more than in the 1970
Orlando Ayala, Corporate VP and Chairman of Emerging MarketsEffective IT use to fuel SME growth and jobs
Orlando Ayala, Corporate VP and Chairman of Emerging Markets (10-Oct-2013)
Since the crisis, many economies have struggled to return to strong economic growth and to create new jobs - use of advanced IT can boost growth and employment
Christian Nellemann, CEO, XLN TelecomInternet performance, downtime and productivity
Christian Nellemann, CEO, XLN Telecom (08-Oct-2013)
If your internet goes down, you lose e-mail access, mobile card payments, cloud-hosted services and other business-critical functions. Some basic tips on how to avoid loss of business
Bradley Derringer, blogger for TechBreachOvercoming e-commerce challenges
Bradley Derringer, blogger for TechBreach (25-Sep-2013)
Any business that sells online needs a reliable and well-presented e-commerce site that is easy to use, secure and reliable
Simon Smith, Chief Technology Officer, MooD InternationalCyber crime makes business like a military operation
Simon Smith, Chief Technology Officer, MooD International (12-Sep-2013)
Running a business is like running a military operation. It requires measuring hard data with judgement and using understanding to plan the desired outcome
Patricia Langrand, Executive VP, SteriaBig Data – looking beyond the hype
Patricia Langrand, Executive VP, Steria (06-Sep-2013)
In today’s tough economic climate, being able to handle Big Data will become crucial for the organisation’s competitiveness, innovation and growth
Daniel Mitchell, Director, Lifeline ITCyber crime - you are at serious risk - tips
Daniel Mitchell, Director, Lifeline IT (16-Aug-2013)
Britain is losing the fight against cyber-crime, now considered a bigger threat to the nation than nuclear war. Tips to protect your business
Paul Lawton, General Manager of SMB, O2Online presence critical for customer service
Paul Lawton, General Manager of SMB, O2 (12-Aug-2013)
72% of people will never forgive a small business if they receive poor customer service – and 67% will share their bad experience with others
Simon Norris, CEO, NomensaMake your web site accessible to all
Simon Norris, CEO, Nomensa (06-Aug-2013)
Failing to ensure web sites are functional and accessible without compromising on design, businesses are losing revenue
Dr Max Nathan, senior research fellow, NIESRSuccess in a larger digital economy
Dr Max Nathan, senior research fellow, NIESR (23-Jul-2013)
The old image of tech businesses as start-ups that make no money is out-of-date. We need a new way to understand the economy
Dominic Blackburn, Head of Product, 192.comGrowing levels of deception
Dominic Blackburn, Head of Product, (22-Jul-2013)
Online reports offer protection from deception - from employing a tradesman, to renting a room, or going on a date
Andrew Doyle, MD UKI, Jabra Business Solutions75% workers have emotional or interpersonal problems
Andrew Doyle, MD UKI, Jabra Business Solutions (09-Jul-2013)
Transformation in the workplace is creating entirely new challenges that need to be addressed - good communications tools do not necessarily make good communications
John Spence, Co-owner of Add PeopleBusiness risk of duplicate website copy
John Spence, Co-owner of Add People (28-Jun-2013)
Businesses are increasingly reliant on search engines to enable potential customers to find them so it’s alarming that 1 in 4 are being penalised for duplicated content
Charles Bligh, MD, TalkTalk BusinessLack of IT training costs businesses
Charles Bligh, MD, TalkTalk Business (19-Jun-2013)
Businesses able to invest in reducing the skills gap will benefit from improved efficiency and productivity – as well as the positive and engaged attitude staff
Andrew Brewerton, Regional Director, EVaultAvoiding business disaster from data loss
Andrew Brewerton, Regional Director, EVault (11-Jun-2013)
It’s shocking how few businesses have a backup strategy in place - it’s not just big organisations that need to back their data up
Corey Nachreiner, Director, WatchGuard TechnologiesWhat businesses should know about hackers
Corey Nachreiner, Director, WatchGuard Technologies (10-Jun-2013)
Over the last few years, hacker profiles and motives have changed. It’s important for you to understand them
Peter Holbrook, CEO, Social Enterprise UKCharity to social enterprise: lack of business skills and finance
Peter Holbrook, CEO, Social Enterprise UK (31-May-2013)
Charities feel held back by lack of business skills, poor access to finance and trustee scepticism - enterprise is a skill that those in charities will increasingly need
Nick Morris, Founder of Canvas8Deal-obsessed customers research for 24 hours
Nick Morris, Founder of Canvas8 (20-May-2013)
Purchasers are becoming increasingly paranoid about missing out on good deals, spending hours researching online, scouring the high street and interrogating friends, before finally taking the plunge
Dominic Higgins, contributing writer, Contact LawLegal tips to manage your online presence
Dominic Higgins, contributing writer, Contact Law (17-May-2013)
The internet creates exciting opportunities for business – instant access to huge numbers of potential customers and a global platform for your brand - but there are a web of legal issues too
Isobel Pearce, Marketing Director, The Inviqa GroupWhy your website may be failing
Isobel Pearce, Marketing Director, The Inviqa Group (22-Apr-2013)
A good website is essential, but most companies and organisations are not exactly hitting the ball out of the park when it comes to offering user-friendly websites
Fergus Gloster, MD EMEA, MarketoMarketing automation boosts sales
Fergus Gloster, MD EMEA, Marketo (27-Mar-2013)
Marketing automation is the technology that allows companies of all sizes to streamline, automate and measure marketing to increase efficiency and grow revenue faster
James Southgate, Director, bss digitalIs big data the Emperor's new clothes?
James Southgate, Director, bss digital (21-Feb-2013)
In today’s digitised world, companies have access to information like never before, but is big data only for large organisations?
Daniel Mitchell, founder and Director, Lifeline ITIs password your password?
Daniel Mitchell, founder and Director, Lifeline IT (08-Feb-2013)
Most businesses are now reliant on IT and security breaches could be disastrous, but most people are still careless with passwords
Lucy Smith, Director, Small Business WebsitesTop business tips for web site creation
Lucy Smith, Director, Small Business Websites (16-Jan-2013)
Web sites are complex, but vitally important for businesses - don't waste time and money on poor design and something that doesn't do the job
Ryan Rubin, Director, ProtivitiPoor IT security training leaves business at risk
Ryan Rubin, Director, Protiviti (21-Dec-2012)
Ineffective security awareness training is leaving businesses dangerously exposed to the significant consequences of an information security breach
Pontus Noren, co-founder, CloudreachWill failure to embrace the Cloud leave you lost in the fog?
Pontus Noren, co-founder, Cloudreach (18-Dec-2012)
Is all the IT hype about the Cloud just another bandwagon or should your business be taking it seriously?
Rob Greenslade, Director, CentralisThe workplace of the future is wherever you are
Rob Greenslade, Director, Centralis (03-Dec-2012)
The workspace of the future can be wherever the employee is, provided they have access to the applications and data they need, with security and control
Carmen Carey, CEO, ControlCircleCyber security for the non-technical
Carmen Carey, CEO, ControlCircle (29-Oct-2012)
Understand the cyber risks to your business (whatever its size) and how to fight the threats, both now and in the future
Clive Taylor, Director, Quiss TechnologyRemote IT access - profit versus peril?
Clive Taylor, Director, Quiss Technology (12-Oct-2012)
Can remote IT access turn mobility into profitability? If so, at what cost and with what risks?
Thomas Coles, MD, MSM SoftwarePrevent IT skills shortage stalling growth
Thomas Coles, MD, MSM Software (02-Oct-2012)
As competition increases daily, organisations cannot afford to be burdened with technology skills shortages that prevent them from keeping up with the pace of change
Adam Ewart, Founder of SendmyBagSuccessful Northern Ireland tech startup growing
Adam Ewart, Founder of SendmyBag (13-Sep-2012)
Northern Ireland entrepreneur Adam Ewart identified a gap in the market and has developed a successful, expanding business
Alexandre Wentzo, CEO, CasewiseEffective IT Application management improves performance
Alexandre Wentzo, CEO, Casewise (27-Aug-2012)
Winning organisations must look after the bottom line by more effective leverage of IT assets
Ian Jackson, Managing Director, ImerjaOn your marks - bandwidth, businesses and the cloud
Ian Jackson, Managing Director, Imerja (14-Aug-2012)
The Games have shone a light on the importance of a reliable internet connection. For companies taking a step into the cloud, speed and reliability are paramount
Ben Atherton, CEO, SambaFree UK broadband for users on the go
Ben Atherton, CEO, Samba (02-Aug-2012)
A new service offering free on-the-go broadband for laptops, netbooks and iPads has just launched - based on a simple 'value exchange' model
Phil Birbeck, MD of EquanetBusinesses caught off-guard by influx of personal devices
Phil Birbeck, MD of Equanet (22-Jun-2012)
Should employees use their own devices in the workplace? Opinion is split - what do you think?
Leonie Watson, Director of Accessibility NomensaDigital accessibility - the commercial realities
Leonie Watson, Director of Accessibility Nomensa (19-Jun-2012)
The impact of not getting accessibility right is damaging, but if you do get it right, 27% of the population may actively choose your brand over the competition
Adam Jarvis, CEO of Intrinsic TechnologyILOVEBYOD - the potential pitfalls of staff 'bring-your-own device'
Adam Jarvis, CEO of Intrinsic Technology (08-Jun-2012)
Corporate security breeches often result from humans that inadvertently put information at risk; whether through simple curiosity, carelessness or ignorance
Dion Smith, GM, Samsung UK Print DivisionEfficient technology for business
Dion Smith, GM, Samsung UK Print Division (13-Apr-2012)
Technology is an essential component in nearly every business - here are five top tips for implementing efficient technology solutions
Nick Wilson, MD, HP UKBridging the UK IT skills gap
Nick Wilson, MD, HP UK (02-Mar-2012)
A new academic partnership programme to provide students with the business-ready IT skills that are needed within the industry
Billy Haining of Intrinsic TechnologyHigh speed / high tech - HS2 business benefits now
Billy Haining of Intrinsic Technology (14-Feb-2012)
The first trains won’t be running until 2026 and many businesses are already using very different types of technology to achieve the same benefits
Marc Dautlich, Partner, Pinsent MasonsNew EU law - biggest data protection change in 20 years
Marc Dautlich, Partner, Pinsent Masons (25-Jan-2012)
New EU legislation will bring the biggest shake up of data protection laws in Europe for nearly 20 years affecting thousands of organisations
Thomas Coles, MD of MSM SoftwareThe majority of IT projects fail unnecessarily
Thomas Coles, MD of MSM Software (20-Jan-2012)
Two thirds of IT projects fail unnecessarily due to changes during the execution
Yell.com5 ways to make your website work (19-Jan-2012)
Just building a website and putting it out there isn’t enough - you need to think carefully about what it says about your business and whether it’s fulfilling its potential
Kevin Nolin, Quest SoftwareOver half of SMEs have no disaster recovery plan
Kevin Nolin, Quest Software (16-Jan-2012)
Events over the past year, including cyber-attacks and natural disasters, have highlighted the importance of having a robust disaster recovery process in place
Andy Chew of CiscoTechnology bringing savings - case study
Andy Chew of Cisco (12-Dec-2011)
Cost and efficiency are critical to success - Future Publishing is using technology to save time and money
Ernest Doku of uSwitch.comHas technology killed talking?
Ernest Doku of (27-Oct-2011)
Is it the death of conversation as Brits become 'all texts and less chat'?
Peter Rees, Principal City Digital Mkt AcademyDoing digital - what you need to know
Peter Rees, Principal City Digital Mkt Academy (09-Sep-2011)
It is critical that all executives and managers understand this new field, develop winning strategies and use appropriate resources to manage their tactical implementation
BW tech deskTablets are hard to swallow
BW tech desk (24-Jun-2011)
What's new about tablet computing and is it just a fashion accessory or business tool?
British Retail ConsortiumNew online retail monitor
British Retail Consortium (26-Apr-2011)
The new quarterly Online Retail Monitor measures the growth of online retail searches
HM TreasuryChancellor announces superfast broadband funding
HM Treasury (04-Mar-2011)
George Osborne announced the opening of bidding for £50 million of funding for superfast broadband roll-out in the UK
Lord Smith of FinsburyAdvertising standards apply online from today
Lord Smith of Finsbury (01-Mar-2011)
From 1 March 2011 the ASA's remit is extended to online marketing materials. Are you ready?
National Fraud AuthorityScam e-mails - what to do
National Fraud Authority (28-Feb-2011)
What to do with scam e-mails - how to disrupt the fraudsters and close down the links between them and the victim
About CharitiesCharities and donors - act now!
About Charities (18-Feb-2011)
Whether you are a charity or a donor, the time is running out to get that extra 3p in the pound
About CharitiesCharities and donors - act now!
About Charities (18-Feb-2011)
Whether you are a charity or a donor, the time is running out to get that extra 3p in the pound
About CharitiesCharities and donors - act now!
About Charities (18-Feb-2011)
Whether you are a charity or a donor, the time is running out to get that extra 3p in the pound

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Rosario Maria OttoPhilippines - mixing business and pleasure
Rosario Maria Otto
Remarkable growth in IT and business support, health and wellness, retirement, and tourism are drawing in new foreign investments
Martin SmithChanging staff behaviour
Martin Smith
Regulations can be a business advantage and compliance can be made relatively easy
Dev BarotFailing to plan?
Dev Barot
Businesses depend on information technology more than ever before - can your organisation afford to suffer a disaster or system failure?

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