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Dr Lynda ShawNeuroscience for leadership
Dr Lynda Shaw (11-May-2021)
Effective leadership starts with neurons because when we understand that our thoughts, ideas, habits and behaviour impact productivity
Katie Day, Director, RDPIStress, resilience and personality - how are they linked?
Katie Day, Director, RDPI (06-Apr-2020)
When isolated, negative feelings can become exaggerated. Understanding ourselves and others can help to manage our stress and develop resilience
Dr Roger Prentis, RDPIChange, COVID, coping and creating
Dr Roger Prentis, RDPI (03-Apr-2020)
How are we affected by crises and what can we do to get out of them? A seven-stage strategy to help us move forward and develop our future in the 'new world' post COVID-19
James Croft, Chair, Centre for Education EconomicsThe right training for business success
James Croft, Chair, Centre for Education Economics (12-Sep-2018)
The degree of churn among start-up businesses tells a story of undesirable business failure. The positive difference that the right kind of education and training can have
Rosalind Cardinal, Managing Director, Shaping ChangeFour secrets to being more resilient
Rosalind Cardinal, Managing Director, Shaping Change (31-Aug-2018)
Resilience is essential not just in everyday life but in business as well. It is something anyone can build - 4 secrets to success
Katie Day, Director, RDP InternationalThe bottom line and the menopause
Katie Day, Director, RDP International (29-Aug-2018)
Businesses need to take notice of the latest 'hot topic' - the menopause - and its effects on people and the bottom line
Laura Little, Learning and Development Manager, CABAFeeling like a fraud? Get over it!
Laura Little, Learning and Development Manager, CABA (20-Aug-2018)
Do you have strong feelings of inadequacy and self-doubt? Some strategies to help overcome this lack of confidence

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