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Gender underwriting - Europe strikes again!


by Danny CooperThe ECJ has done it again in ruling that gender can no longer be used as an underwriting factor - where will it lead? more ...

Advertising standards apply online from today


by Lord Smith of FinsburyFrom 1 March 2011 the ASA's remit is extended to online marketing materials. Are you ready? more ...

Scam e-mails - what to do


by National Fraud AuthorityWhat to do with scam e-mails - how to disrupt the fraudsters and close down the links between them and the victim more ...

Europe - good news for SMEs?


by Business, Innovation & SkillsEurope needs an SME-friendly business environment, enabling small businesses and entrepreneurs to realise their ambitions more ...

The effective appraisal


by Gary NewboroughThe appraisal procedure is intended to be a constructive process, formally recording assessments of performance and potential. more ...

The value of human capital and manufacturing


by HE Georg BoomgaardenGerman Ambassador comments on the value of human capital and the importance of manufacturing (and hence export). more ...

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