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Alistair Wesson, East Midlands Managing Partner, Mazars5 ways to unlock export potential
Alistair Wesson, East Midlands Managing Partner, Mazars (01-Apr-2016)
Exporting your products or services can take your business to a whole new level. But how do you start on the export trail?
Mark Elborne, President and CEO of GE UK and IrelandUK - innovation success with a warning
Mark Elborne, President and CEO of GE UK and Ireland (24-Nov-2014)
With an increasingly-competitive global marketplace, innovation is crucial. The UK led the industrial revolution but lags with the consumer internet
Robin Horrex, Founder and CEO, MBC GroupDesign - a professional standard?
Robin Horrex, Founder and CEO, MBC Group (01-Oct-2014)
Design has a huge impact on the success of businesses but in the current Wild West, as a client, how do you know which designer to choose? We need a quality standard
Jason Powell, Founder, The Longbow ShopShooting for business success
Jason Powell, Founder, The Longbow Shop (26-Aug-2014)
The traditional English longbow has a distinguished history and is now a business and export success story
Xu Bing, Director General, China Foreign Trade CentreIs the Chinese monster a business takeaway?
Xu Bing, Director General, China Foreign Trade Centre (05-Aug-2014)
China's new policies and the rapid growth of its manufacturing industry makes it an interesting market opportunity for business
Sophi Tranchell, Managing Director, Divine ChocolateFlying the flag for British business
Sophi Tranchell, Managing Director, Divine Chocolate (28-Feb-2014)
Small businesses are the backbone of the economy and there are so many businesses, managers and entrepreneurs out there doing great things
Helen Dickinson, Director General, British Retail ConsortiumBrand Britain - a global retail success
Helen Dickinson, Director General, British Retail Consortium (04-Nov-2013)
The quality, range and accompanying service offered by 'Brand Britain' is respected around the world - particular growth in the clothing, beauty and department store sectors
David Hillson, the Risk DoctorManaging business risk across borders
David Hillson, the Risk Doctor (05-Jun-2013)
Many organisations conduct business internationally in our connected world and we need to consider the particular risks that might arise from operating or trading across borders
John Cridland, CBI Director-GeneralGive growing firms an export boost
John Cridland, CBI Director-General (16-Apr-2013)
The UK is making progress in the fast-growing BRIC economies, but it still lags behind some of its international rivals. SMEs should be at the forefront of export-led growth
Eve WatkinsOverseas trading and currency risk avoidance
Eve Watkins (24-Oct-2012)
Trading overseas, whether buying or selling, is something for companies of all sizes, but currency fluctuation must be taken into account
Juergen Maier, MD at Siemens Industry UKIs the future of UK manufacturing compromised?
Juergen Maier, MD at Siemens Industry UK (29-Jun-2012)
Opinion is divided within the manufacturing sector which could compromise the future growth of UK industry - action is required
Tom Homer, CEO EMEA, Telstra GlobalBusiness expansion - Asia on the horizon
Tom Homer, CEO EMEA, Telstra Global (27-Jun-2012)
Despite the global downturn, Asian economies continue to grow and the region has become a driver of the global economy - we consider the opportunities and threats
Tom Hainsworth, MD of HainsworthHainsworth - a material success story
Tom Hainsworth, MD of Hainsworth (17-May-2012)
Hainsworth, a family textile business which has been around for 229 years, is harnessing its heritage and the best in modern manufacturing, technology, sales and marketing
Lisa Irlam, CEO of SwimovateA swimming success story
Lisa Irlam, CEO of Swimovate (10-May-2012)
From the frustration of a couple of triathletes with a vision for an innovative product, an internationally successful company has developed
Liz Love, MD Z-Card LtdMaking an international success of your business
Liz Love, MD Z-Card Ltd (05-Mar-2012)
Establishing a good business and people fit as well as being aware of the business and cultural differences in the various markets is critical
Make it in BritainChallenge to find the best new British innovations
Make it in Britain (06-Feb-2012)
The Make it in Great Britain campaign is about transforming the image of modern UK manufacturing and its importance to the economy
Liz Love, MD Z-Card LtdThe Z-Card - an international success story
Liz Love, MD Z-Card Ltd (26-Jan-2012)
The Z-Card is a simple, but completely original communications idea, conceived, developed, patented and commercialised on a worldwide scale
Make it in BritainMake it in Britain campaign and exhibition
Make it in Britain (24-Nov-2011)
Manufacturing is our most exportable sector and is at the heart of our long-term economic vision and the exhibition will run next year during the Olympics
Paul Noon, Director of Trade UKTI Australia and NZExpand your business into Australia and NZ
Paul Noon, Director of Trade UKTI Australia and NZ (24-Aug-2011)
It is time now for the resilient to become the ambitious and expand overseas
UKTIHelp to improve your exports
UKTI (23-Mar-2011)
At a time when doing business overseas is so important to economic growth UKTI offers help
Fabrice DesnosAre the new ECGD products required?
Fabrice Desnos (12-Feb-2011)
A cautious welcome to news of a series of new products being launched by the Government's ECGD but is outside intervention is actually required.

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Bartosz TymkowskiPoland - growth and business opportunities
Bartosz Tymkowski
Poland continues to be successful despite the current economic situation and the future looks good!
Mr Zafer CaglayanTurkey - an ongoing success story
Mr Zafer Caglayan
Turkey is a country which has undergone an economic transformation in recent years and is a continuing success story
Investment opportunities in Turkey

Turkey has largely avoided the effects of the global economic crisis and remains a success story for investment and business
An The DzungThe development of Vietnam and potential for EU investors
An The Dzung
The development of Vietnam as a trade partner after accession to the WTO
Ganesh SelvarajahBeating the economic downturn through international trade
Ganesh Selvarajah
Is it time to look at exporting as a way to widen your business portfolio? How to get advice and guidance.
Business in GreeceGreece: the economic hub of the region
Business in Greece
Greece has recently taken its place as a regional hub for an emerging market as the locomotive of the region
Jeremy PennShipping - the global economy's enabler
Jeremy Penn
Jeremy Penn, Chief Executive of the Baltic Exchange in London, looks at the importance of the shipping industry to the global economy.

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